I am formerly trained as a critic with an interest in the complex ways that power operates within diverse social bodies and cultural exchanges with a focus on intersectional racial grief and violence, representation in art and media, and decolonial socio-historical narratives.

My current manuscript titled The Visits is an experimental memoir set against the backdrop of visiting my brother in six different Washington State prisons over the course of seven and a half years. Part memoir, part critical analysis of landscape, place, visual culture, The Visits explores how the site of the personal can be used as a strategy to deconstruct broader paradigms of power and the institutionalization of kinship, and family.The Visits was recently funded by a San Leandro Arts Commission individual arts grant and I have been invited to read excerpts from this text at University of California Berkeley, Sonoma State University, Kearny Street Workshop, and Pitzer College, amongst others.

For a full writing resume or queries please email info [at] michelecarlson [dot] com