*MARCH 23 (9:30-4:30 PM), Pitzer College Art Galleries Present: MANIFESTO: A Moderate Proposal Symposium

2-3:15 PMPanel: immigration | imagination
The immigration | imagination panelists will share their creative, critical, and community practices in response to the policing of borders in the global north and south, and the ongoing vestiges of violence. These artist-activist-teachers speak of their embodied ties to Berlin, the Bay Area, Manila, Boyle Heights, Seoul, and in between. Interwoven topics include “post-Chicano”/ post-identitarian representation, transnational adoption, incarceration, as well as two print projects: White Gaze, a post-colonial reframing of National Geographic archives, and Myriad Modernities: Southeast Asian Visual Cultures, a special art+academic double issue. The panelists include Michele Carlson, Michelle DizonCarlos Jackson, and kate-hers RHEE and is moderated by Việt Lê.

*March 10 (1-6pm), The Kenneth Rainin Foundation: Moderator for Exploring Public Art Practices Symposium

1:15 PM – Space + Time
Exploring place not only as a physical geography for site-specific projects, but a relationship with people, institutions, histories and resources. Presentations by: Ellen Sebastian Chang and Amara Tabor Smith, House Full of Black Women; Tomie Arai, ManSee Kong and Betty Yu, Chinatown Art Brigade; and Imani Jacqueline Brown, Blights Out. Discussion moderated by: Michele Carlson.

*Feb 15 (5-6:30pm), The Wattis Institute: Critics Tour of Mechanisms