*October 10 (6:30-8pm), Minnesota street projects, Sfada: art criticism in the digital age

A panel discussion featuring San Francisco Chronicle art critic Charles Desmarais, Art Practical director Michele Carlson and art writer DeWitt Cheng, moderated by Patricia Maloney, director of Southern Exposure. Join us for a lively discussion on contemporary approaches to art criticism in the evolving art ecosystem. The panelists will explore current and future channels for critical discourse -- print & online publications, podcasts, social media – and address issues relevant to art critics and their audiences today. How does one write about the physical experience of artwork when audiences are increasingly getting their art virtually? How can one maintain focus on aesthetic values, when much of the readership is focused on market values? Panelists will explore the shifting relevancy in art of social engagement, identity politics and affirmative action in times of crisis. They’ll also be asked whether or not, as art critics, they see the Bay Area as an incubator for globally recognized art.

*SePtember 22-23, San Francisco Museum of Modern art: added value: An Alternative book sale by Stephanie syjuco w/The prelinger library + Related tactics

How do the ways in which we categorize books and information reflect invisible power structures and hidden hierarchies? What would an intervention into this system look like, and how can artistic processes re-shape, re-organize, and re-evaluate it? “Added Value” is a temporary vending project organized by Stephanie Syjuco in conjunction with SFMOMA’s Public Knowledge Initiative, and with participation from Friends of the San Francisco Public Library, The Prelinger Library and the collaborative artist team Related Tactics. Over the course of three days, the museum’s Schwab Hall will be transformed into a massive public book sale, featuring a radical re-organization of thousands of used books, with all sales proceeds going to benefit the San Francisco Public Library. A program of screenings, talks, and commissioned artist projects involving the manipulation and transformation of books-as-knowledge (Re-Valuation) will activate the Public Knowledge Library and the Wattis Theater. View the schedule for specific times and events.

*September 18-22 (1-5), The Wattis Institute: Full Service by Adam Linder

This is a survey exhibition of all five Choreographic Services by Adam Linder. Dancers are working all day,every day. Hiring Some Proximity(2014) involves an art critic and two dancers: in this service, the critic visits nearby exhibitions and makes critical observations and notes on what he or she sees,which are then choreographically interpreted though the voices and movements of the dancers.